This is Bazaart: the most popular photo editor on iOS now available on Android

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Table of Contents

Bazaart cover

In the Play Store we find a lots of photo editors for Android phones, many of which are already known to users in Spain. This selection is now expanded with a new option, one known to iOS users in Spain. This is Bazaart, a popular photo editor that finally arrives on Android.

Available since 2012 for iOS, the arrival of Bazaart to Android has taken a long time, more than expected by many. But finally we can download this photo editor on our phone now. It is an editor that gives us quite a few options, which has made it so popular on iOS.

What can we do with this editor?

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Bazaart has become a very popular application on iOS because is a very complete photo editor in terms of functions. Thanks to them it is possible to use it in all kinds of situations. It adapts to various types of users on Android, which is what makes it such an interesting option to consider. The main functions that it provides us are:

  • Remove background from photos.
  • Add texts to your photos (large selection of fonts available).
  • Crop images.
  • Tools to resize, rotate, duplicate or invert photos.
  • Save photos in JPG or PNG formats.
  • Add stickers and backgrounds to your photos.
  • Apply filters on your photos.
  • Use tags for your images.
  • Upload photos from your gallery or from the cloud (compatible with Google Photos, Dropbox …).
  • Share your photos on social networks or email.

An editor with a simple interface

Bazaart editor interface

One of the great advantages that Bazaart has is that its interface is really easy to use. When we open the application on Android, we are given two options: start a project from scratch or upload a photo to the application. If you choose to create your project from scratch, you can upload the elements you want to obtain the desired result. When uploading a photo, you find yourself with the possibility to edit said image to your liking.

When editing a photo, it gives us tools with which to change the orientation, duplicate the photo, erase certain parts, as well as adding texts, stickers, filters or backgrounds. The function of removing the background, one of the most popular in this editor, is available only in its premium version. Although you can try this version for free for 7 days. If you want to have this version, the cost is 4.09 euros per month, thus having all the funds, filters, stickers and fonts available in it.

Controls are simple at all times. To perform an action, you just have to click on that button and the application will do that for us. We will not have to do anything else, so no one will have problems using this editor on their Android mobile.

Bazaart interface

If you bet on the free version of Bazaart, you will find a simple photo editor, but it does well. The premium version It gives it those additional functions that make it different from so many applications in this segment. Therefore, it may be the most popular option for many, although paying 4.09 euros per month can be somewhat expensive.

How to download Bazaart on Android

After a long wait of eight years, Bazaart is finally launched on the Play Store, so users with an Android phone with Android 8.0 Oreo or higher versions will be able to enjoy it. Downloading this photo editor is free, and inside we find purchases inside, designed to have access to the premium subscription of the application (4.09 euros per month). You can download it from this link:

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