This is Amazon Games, a video game development studio

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Amazon Games

We know Amazon for being a great online store worldwide and each time for offering other services such as Most popular eBooks, Kindle, or an increasingly used streaming video platform with more titles available, Amazon Prime Video. But it also has other important divisions and this is the case of Amazon Games, the video game studio that will release two promising titles in 2021 and is already working to continue launching new games for PC.

What is it

Amazon Games is a video game developer studio of the large online sales company. Since 2011 the company has developers for mobile games but since 2014 they announced for the first time the development of computer games. Currently the company has teams in various cities around the world with all kinds of projects and games that we will delve into in the next paragraphs like New World or Lostark. In the coming years, many more titles are expected by the different studios and they have the collaboration of EA, Sony, Riot Games, Epic Games or Rockstar. In addition, as they explain from their help page, Amazon has collaboration and integration with tools such as Twitch, Amazon Prime or AWS technology.

As of 2021, Amazon Games has four different studios where they are working on different projects. Amazon Games’ main studio is in San Diegto, California. There are also Relentless studios in Seattle (Washington) or Orange County, California. S in the latter, located in Irvine, where the company is working on the production of the video game New World. The last of the company’s video game studios is in Montreal, Canada. It is a headquarters where they are looking to train new employees to continue expanding the game development team, the titles that arrive soon.


At the moment there are not many games that Amazon Games has ready. Specific, we can buy now New World and Lostark which will be available for free download from fall 2021 from the Lostark website or from Amazon Games. Amazon launched Crucible but it closed in 2020 ensuring that your development team would move on to work on other projects. Until November 9, 2020, the servers were active and a refund could be requested for purchases on Steam. At this time there are other games.

New World

New World is Amazon Games’ flagship game that will be available fall 2021 with an open beta from September 9-12. It is an open world MMO where you will have to move to the island of Aetérnum with all kinds of creatures, plants and resources that you will have to take advantage of. Aetérnum is a fictional and “supernatural 17th century” island where you will have to survive and improve. Unlike other similar games there will be no classes but we will advance as we want. You should collect, upgrade, get weapons, complete missions and improve the level of your character. In addition, you will also have to choose from several different factions: looters, union or alliance.

A game with all kinds of modes that will be released on September 28, 2021 and will be available exclusively for PC through Amazon or Steam. In addition to the price of the game itself, there will be options to unlock or buy objects with real money and purchases within the game itself, as is usual. It will be available in Spanish from launch in addition to English, Portuguese, Italian, French, German and Polish.

Buy and reserve

The game goes on sale on September 28, 2021, but we can already pre-order it. There will be several different versions: standard edition, deluxe and metal box edition.

  • Standard Edition

Priced at 39.99 euros at Amazon or in Steam it allows a series of advantages: Isabella’s amulet, exclusive title, gesture, set of guild crest …

  • Deluxe edition

It has a price of 49.99 euros on Steam or on Amazon and the benefits are: lumberjack armor, lumberjack hatchet, mastiff mascot, set of gestures “rock paper or scissors”, New World digital art book, Isabela amulet, exclusive title, gesture or set of blazons of guild.

  • Metal box edition

This edition is available on Amazon for 59.99 euros While supplies last and has all the benefits of the above but also includes a limited edition New World metal box, an Aetérnum collector’s map and a Steam download code that will be received via email. It is convenient that you bear in mind, as they explain from their website, that the code is not included in the metal box but that it and the collector’s map will be sent separately.

New World

Lost ark

Lost ark is an online action role-playing game, according to its own description it is “a free massive online action role-playing game set in the fictional world of Arkesia”. It will be based on classes between which you can be martial artist, gunner, warrior, mage or assassin. It is a game recommended for people over 18 years old, free and that will allow you to play with friends online as long as they have chosen the same world. In addition, they specify that it will be available from launch in English, French, German and Spanish.

To buy

The game will be available from autumn for free but we can buy a founder package that gives us a series of advantages. The packs are available on both Steam and Amazon and there are four in total. Each of them has associated advantages. Bronze, silver, gold and diamond package with prices ranging from fifteen euros in the most basic to one hundred euros.

  • Bronze package

For 14.99 euros it includes access to the beta and early access, mascot exclusively for founders, 30 days of Crystalline Aura and the title of founder.

  • Silver package

For 24.99 euros includes beta access and early access, 1,000 Royal Crystals, Exclusive Founder Pet, 30 Days of Crystalline Aura, Founder’s Title and Silver Supply Box with different chests included, Silver or Resurrection Cougars in addition to the Adventurer Gear Box.

  • Gold package

For 49.99 euros per month it includes access to the beta and early access, 4,000 royal crystals, Founder’s Exclusive Pet, 30 Days of Crystalline Aura, Founder’s Title, Gold Supply Box, Founder’s Exclusive Avatar, Character Expansion Slot.

  • Platinum package

For 99.99 euros per month and with all the previous advantages and improvements. Includes access to beta and early access, 7,000 Royal Crystals, Founder’s Exclusive Pet, 30 Days of Crystalline Aura, Founder’s Title, Platinum Supply Box, Founder’s Exclusive Avatar, Character Expansion Slot, Founder’s Avatar, Founder’s Exclusive Mount, Platinum Welcome Box (wallpaper, structure, chests, letters …)

All are available through the Amazon page where we can buy it in presale and download the package. Or through Steam.

Assistance and customer service

From Amazon Games there is a support section that we can access from its main page. The first thing we do is choose the video game or the reason for our problem. As of summer 2021 we find three options: Lost Ark, New World and Prime Gaming. You select one of the three and we find several frequent solutions to the main problems. But if we keep scrolling we find the section “contact us”With a button that takes us to customer service.

Here we find several options or sections and categories: technical section, purchases, account, game problems or “easy anti-cheat”. You can go tapping on the possible solutions. If you can’t find anything related to your problem you can go to “live chat” where you will talk to people to give you a solution.

amazon games

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