This free alternative to YouTube updates its interface and adds chapters to the videos

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NewPipe is an application that many users in Spain they surely know. It is a free alternative to YouTube, which allows us to watch videos of the well-known app, but with a series of additional options and a better treatment of privacy, in addition to not having ads. On previous occasions, it has been updated by improving aspects such as control gestures.

Version 0.20.10 of the app is released now and introduces a number of improvements. NewPipe updates its interface and introduces a series of functions, such as support for chapters in videos, something that YouTube itself introduced recently. Some bugs have also been fixed in it.

NewPipe keeps getting better

NewPipe new interface

NewPipe introduces two new buttons in the button row, which will allow users to open a video in the browser, as well as allow it to be shared in other applications. It is also allowed to add a third “Play with Kodi” button, which allows you to stream a video directly to Kodi. The screen design at the bottom is also renewed, making it easier to move between Comments, related Videos and the description of the video itself.

The other great novelty is the chapters in the videos, which came to YouTube in the fall. These chapters allow you to better navigate the video, by being able to go to a specific part of it, without having to scroll the playback bar. It is a long-awaited function in the app, which can already be enjoyed in this new version. They can be seen in videos that the content creators have decided to introduce, it is not something available in all videos.

NewPipe chapters videos

Also, they leave us with a new search engine called Sepia Search, accessible from the menu of the three upper vertical points. This tool makes discovering videos uploaded to PeerTube easier. It helps a better integration between NewPipe and this service on your Android mobile. In addition, errors such as screen brightness problems, and errors with URLs among others have been corrected.

This new version of the application can be downloaded now from GitHub. If you were looking for a free alternative to YouTube, without the presence of Google and without ads, this app is a great option. Version 0.20.10 is now available.

The entry This free alternative to YouTube updates its interface and adds chapters to the videos that appear first in The Free Android.