This free alternative to YouTube is updated with new control gestures

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NewPipe is an application that probably sounds to many users in Spain, as it is an open source alternative to YouTube. It is an application that has been improving significantly in recent months, also incorporating an improved full screen playback. A new version of the app is now available to users on Android.

The new version of NewPipe with number 0.20.3 It is now official and leaves us with a series of improvements, among which we find a new gesture with two fingers that will make it much easier to quit playing videos within the application.

NewPipe improves gesture control

NewPipe new gesture

In the new version of NewPipe, a new gesture of sliding down with two fingers is introduced, which is designed so that closing the built-in player is much easier. Closing the in-app player was always a two-step process. First you had to slide down on the built-in player to switch to the mini player and then slide down again to close it. This gesture makes the process easier and faster.

In addition, in the application we also find a improved playback speed YouTube videos. According to those responsible for the app, YouTube has removed the obfuscation of most of its URLs, which allows access to these URLs directly. The consequence is that the loading of videos is faster, thus improving the experience of using the application.

NewPipe has introduced a number of additional improvements in this new version, which Android users will be able to download. These are some of the other news that the application leaves us in its version 0.20.3:

  • Support for short YouTube URLs is added.
  • All the different queuing options have now been replaced by a single unified option.
  • Support is provided for short channel links that look like: “”.
  • The application now has a new setting that allows users to clear reCAPTCHA cookies.

The new version of the application can now be downloaded in the form of APK, available in its profile on GitHub.

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