This free alternative to YouTube has the best full screen playback

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YouTube is an application that millions of Android users in Spain use daily, although the user experience is not always positive. Especially because of the presence of ads in the application, which are quite annoying. For this reason, many users turn to unofficial alternative applications, NewPipe being possibly the best known.

NewPipe, which we have talked to you about on occasion, is a good way to use YouTube on Android but without ads. Since it extracts data from the official website, in order to see the content you want. Its main problem is that its interface had become somewhat outdated, luckily, its new update corrects this.

NewPipe changes its design

NewPipe home page

If a couple of months ago NewPipe released support for Android TV, now is the time to change the application interface. It is committed to a design that allows easier navigation in the application. When you open it, we have the trend section, the channel section and the playlist section. Moving between these sections is simple, so using it on Android is very comfortable.

Where the most changes are seen is in the video player. Now, both the video and the rest of the details are housed on the same page, so there is no need to open another tab while you are watching the video to read comments, its description or like it. Everything is located on the same page.

NewPipe video playback interface

In addition, the application already has support for full screen mode, because if you put the phone horizontally while watching a video, the video fills the entire screen. These changes make playing videos in NewPipe more comfortable. In addition, it makes going to full screen when watching a video much more comfortable, since you only have to turn the phone. There will be no push buttons to do this, saving user time.

The APK where these changes are seen in NewPipe It can be downloaded now, available at this link, by clicking on 09-22-2020 on the left of the screen. These changes are currently being tested, so it is expected that they will soon reach the application in general. If you want to try them, you can do it now.

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