This European Union app helps you know the restrictions for COVID-19 in each country

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Re-Open EU featured

If for any reason you are forced to travel, either within or outside of Spain, in the coming weeks, many aspects must be taken into account. One of them are the movement restrictions that exist currently, both in Spain and in the rest of the European Union due to the coronavirus crisis. Luckily, the European Commission launches an app that will be of great help.

Re-Open EU is the name of this official application, which will be of help to users in the European Union. Thanks to the app you can find out the movement restrictions that exist in each member country. An app that goes a step further than others we have talked about, which were limited to Spain.

This is how Re-Open EU works: learn about restrictions in each country

Re-Open app European Union

The main purpose of Re-Open EU is to show users the restrictions on movement in each country within the European Union, as well as other countries in the area such as Norway, Switzerland, Iceland or Liechtenstein. Thanks to this information, which we can consult on a map, we can see what the restrictions are in the different countries.

Colors are used to determine the level of these restrictions, in order to know if we can enter that country or if the trip is a good idea. Within the European Union itself, anyone can move freely between those countries or regions in green, although currently no one has that color. For this reason, it is necessary to take into account the conditions that are imposed to be able to enter a specific country or region.

This application is launched mainly with a view to 2021. Keep in mind that the vaccines have already started in the United Kingdom and that they will soon reach the countries in the EU, probably the first week of January. It is expected that as the European population is vaccinated and cases decrease, travel and movement restrictions will be reduced. For travel from spring or summer, it will be a useful tool.

Re-Open app European Union map

Thanks to Re-Open EU, users will be able to know at all times the situation in your country of destination or origin, with the possible changes that have occurred. This application promises to make travel in the European Union much simpler within the current situation caused by COVID-19.

This European Union app helps you know the restrictions for COVID-19 in each country 1

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