This could be your last chance: an Echo Dot for less than 20 euros

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The Amazon Echo Dot in Spain have managed to become the smart speaker of reference in the Alexa ecosystem, being the biggest best seller according to Amazon itself. Part of its secret lies in the great performance of Alexa, its ultra-compact size and with a volume and sound quality that, within its limits, is good enough to be able to listen to music or podcasts in a room.

A few weeks ago the company introduced the fourth generation, a generation that completely changes its design to improve the sound and speed of Alexa. However, the previous generation is still selling and has dropped in price enough to be worth it.

The third-gen Amazon Echo Dot in what could be your last offering

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The Amazon Echo Dot arrived in Spain in 2018, and since then it has managed to become a smart speaker for all audiences. Its set of smart features, ease of use and very low prices have meant that virtually any type of user can enjoy one of these devices.

With the arrival of the fourth generation Echo Dot, with a new design and better sound quality, it is anyone’s guess what will happen to the third generation. Already during Prime Day it was less than 20 euros to return later to its recommended price. This great product is on sale again and is again at a price of 19.99 euros.

This could be your last chance: an Echo Dot for less than 20 euros 1

Whether it’s because you haven’t tried Alexa yet and are curious about the ecosystem, have no gift ideas, or are just an Amazon speaker enthusiast, this is the best chance to get hold of the older generation. Because it may still be sold, but it can also be a stock cleaning and they are the last units.

  • Amazon Echo Dot third generation for 19.99 euros:
    • In anthracite color.
    • In light gray color.
    • In dark gray color.
    • In mauve color.

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