This app bypasses Google’s block to install apps on Wear OS

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This app bypasses Google's block to install apps on Wear OS 1

After the purchase of Fitbit, in Spain Google has two operating systems for smart watches, Wear OS being the more complex of the two. This system has Android as a base, being compatible in theory with any mobile application that we install on the clock (regardless of its interface being functional on such a small screen).

Google recently decided to limit the ability to install Android applications on its watches, a move that will take place from March 10. However, in the absence of weeks for the change to be applied, there are already applications that allow us to bypass the restrictions that Wear OS will have.

Wear Installer bypasses Google crash on Wear OS

Google has not yet blocked the installation of applications in Wear OS and there are already applications capable of bypassing said blocking. Wear Installer is a perfect example of this, an application that uses developer tools in order to bypass the blockade, as well as applications like Easy Fire Tools that allow us to install Android applications on Fire TVs.

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The process is similar to that of most alternatives of this style, being necessary that from the clock we activatedeveloper settings.The process is similar to what we could have on a mobile, having to follow the following steps:

  1. We go to Settings.
  2. Click on System -> Information.
  3. In the version numbers, we look for Build number and click several times to activate the developer settings.

Once active, we will have to go to the developer settings and activate ADB and ADB over Wi-Fi, which will allow the mobile application to connect to the watch and use the Android debugging tools. Once we activate everything, Wear Installer will be able to install any Android application on our watch.

Makes sense?Well, for most users maybe not, but if there is something that we are clear about, it is better to have something and not need it than to need it and not have it. You can download Wear Installer from the download section of the developer’s website.

Freepoc download page.

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