This app allows you to have the best privacy feature of iOS 14 on Android

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Featured Access Dots

Something that surely many users in Spain have heard on occasion is that privacy on iOS is better than on Android. Although the Google system has improved significantly, with functions such as one-time permissions in Android 11. If you are looking to improve privacy on your mobile, Access Dots is an app that gives you one of the best features of iOS 14.

iOS 14 has a number of flags that show you what permissions an app is using. These indicators are displayed in the status bar in various colors, so you know what permissions are being used. Access Dots brings this function to Android and in its new version they introduce more indicators.

Access Dots: control what permissions your apps use

Access Dots operation

Having Access Dots installed on your Android mobile, you will see that a small mole is displayed as an indicator in the status bar of your mobile. This indicator is shown only when the application you are using use camera, microphone or location permission. Thus, if it is an application that should not make use of them, you can take action against it.

This application also keeps a record that will show when the permission in question was requested, which application was in the foreground when said request was made and the time that said access lasted. In addition, it is an app that gives us customization options, because we can modify the appearance of said moles or points to our liking, as well as choose where we want them to be displayed.

Access Dots registration and personalization

On those phones with Android 10 or higher, Access Dots will use perforation on screen of the same to show that indicator. An app that takes advantage of mobile perforations, a feature that we can take advantage of a lot. In addition, for many it will allow a faster and more comfortable view of said indicator.

If you were looking for an additional tool to better control privacy on your Android mobileAccess Dots incorporates one of the most interesting functions of iOS 14. Thanks to it, you will always have control over the permissions used by the apps installed on your smartphone. The app can now be downloaded for free from the Play Store:

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