This Android app is a perfect clone of Apple Notes

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Notes apps on Android there are many, some of them more than complete, like Google Keep. However, you may prefer the aesthetics of iOS, so we bring you a true clone of the iPhone Notes app.

It is an application that already has more than 100,000 downloads and has an average rating of 4.8 stars. Shines for its design, although it is complete in functionalities, so let’s see what it offers.

iNotes, a copy of the iPhone notes app

Notes App

iNotes has a clear purpose: to offer an alternative to Apple Notes, but on Android. We have been able to compare it with the official iOS application and we already anticipate that at the interface level it is a carbon copy.

At the interface and operation level, the app is very similar to Apple Notes. We even have adaptive dark or light theme depending on the system theme

The app is compatible with the dark and light theme and adapts to the one we have in the system, in case we do not want to change it manually. When we open the app we will have the list of recent notes, with their creation date and preview. We also have a search engine to find content in case we have many notes.


When writing notes, We can write text, add photographs, write by hand And, the only option that we miss is to add tables, as the Notes application on iOS allows.

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The app is completely free, but if we want we can access the Pro version for 1.69 euros. With it we eliminate the advertising of the app, we can create folders and some extra functions.

iNote - iOS Notes, iPhone style Notes

iNote – iOS Notes, iPhone style Notes

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This Android app is a perfect clone of Apple Notes

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This Android app is a perfect clone of Apple Notes 1

This Android app is a perfect clone of Apple Notes 2