These Escape Room online is a challenge and one of the best ways to have a good time with friends and family

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For people who are confined at home, the boredom is still one of the most difficult things to overcome. Yes, we have at our disposal all of our books, music, series and movies on all platforms and in the new Disney+but even so, it is easy to fall into the monotony.

To get out of it, you have set out to do puzzles onlineas in physical stores and online are sold out. We have also suggested board games online with the ability to have a good time entertaining with friends. Today, however, we go a step further: Escape Room online for enjoy a virtual experience with puzzles and challenges that take us out of the room.

Revelation hygienic: a complicated way to do with your family

Revelation Hygienic

Adrián Caeiro de Saá and Enrique Latorre, are the owners of The Paradox Room, a company that has several Escape Room physical. As we read in El Correo Gallego, after having to close down because of the quarantine, they decided to create a test mode a escape room the virtual.

And did Revelation hygienicwhich in a week has already been played by over 100,000 people from all over the world. In this Escape we will place in the year 2043, in a context in which, as weeks ago, has finished the toilet paper. Everything moves based on mood, and in that sense, you need to get to pass by a descendant of prince african Jones Dimkawhich has left their heirs a fortune: a pallet of toilet paper.

To Revelation hygienic you can play alone or in a group. It is designed to be played face to face, but you can play with individuals by video call, even if you only control it from a computer. The creators do not recommend the mobile, as in they do not show all the content. Yes recommend having a pencil and paper to hand.

No need to read anything to start, although know how to read, and is designed for players with more than 15 years. According to Jose Garcia, co Xataka who has played it, the difficulty is quite high. According to the creators, on average it is taking to resolve hour and a half, but will depend on our skill.

The cure of the virus

Escape Room Virus

As we can see, the topics on which they are based the Escape Room emerged these days have a lot to do with the historical moment in which we live. The cure of the virus has been created by Hunters of Leaksa couple of escapistas that has more than 260 Escape Room in its history. Thanks to his extensive experience running away, have decided to launch this escape online to liven up the time of so many people confined.

As defined in your web page, in this Escape Room “nI will embark on an adventure to get the cure of the greater virus of the TWENTY-first century“. In this case, we will need two devices (worth computer, smartphone and tablet), even though for you to enjoy, each player will look at your screen. To communicate the necessary information to the other player, we will use the spoken and written language.

So, it is also compatible with phone, chat, video call, etc., provided that each player assumes one of the roles, to choose between the Spanish researcher and a researcher at the chinese.

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These Escape Room online is a challenge and one of the best ways to have a good time with friends and family

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These Escape Room online is a challenge and one of the best ways to have a good time with friends and family 1