These are the 17 products that Xiaomi will bring it to Europe soon

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Mobile Xiaomi

One of the biggest differences from Xiaomi with the rest of the mobile manufacturers is that the company headed by Lei Jun is not focused exclusively on them. Its catalog of products s increasing and in the coming months we will see a strong increase in Europe.

According to Sudhanshu, who has been successful in the past in related news Xiaomi, the firm is going to launch no fewer than 17 new products in the coming months.

17 products of Xiaomi in 4 months

These are the 17 products that Xiaomi will bring it to Europe soon 1

Among the many products we see that there are 3 new models of scooters, three other vacuum cleaners smart and several related to home automation, such as a light bulb-white (not color as the one that you already have in Spain) and a monitor of humidity.

But the most striking is the My TV Sticka device designed to connect to the TV for smart features and of which we knew nothing until now.

We do not know, among other things, whether to use Android TV as the rest of the set top boxes of the company, or if it will be something more akin to a Chromecast. However what is more likely is that it’s the former since that would be placed as a cheap option (we assume) to the Amazon Fire Stick TV, one of the best selling products of the american giant.

If there are last minute changes due to the current situation for the coronavirus, these products will arrive starting this month and through July. The My TV Stick in particular it should be made official next month.

As with all leaks, there is that to pick up with care, because there could be variations of the last hour.

In addition, all of these products reach Europe do not guarantee that comes to our country, although it would be logical that the Spanish market serves as a gateway to Europe for this company.

The entrance These are the 17 products that Xiaomi will bring to Europe shortly appears first in Android Free.