There will be no Galaxy Note in 2021 for the same reason that you can’t buy a PlayStation 5

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Galaxy Note 20 Ultra Review 00006

Both in Spain and worldwide, the pandemic has wreaked havoc on the electronics market. Spending more time at home has triggered the demand for all kinds of components and devices, and production capacity, far from improving, has been diminished for the same reasons and more.

Where we have noticed it the most is in the PC market with graphics cards (where in addition to the limited production, cryptocurrency mining makes it impossible for us to get a new one) or new generation consoles like the PlayStation 5. And although it may not seem like it , is also affecting the production of smartphones.

Samsung will skip the Galaxy Note due to the shortage of chips

In recent months there has been controversy regarding the disappearance of the Galaxy Note. The main reason several analysts pointed to wasthe absence of leaks, something that did not make sense but that to some extent has been fulfilled. There was no information about a new Galaxy Note because indeedthere won’t be a Galaxy Note in 2021But the reason is not what the rumors pointed out.

It was Koh Dong-jin himself, CEO of Samsung Electronics, who made it official. The boss of Samsung has made some statements regarding the shortage of chips, among which he has ended up highlighting a hiatus within the Note range.

«The Note series is positioned as a high-end model in our portfolio. It would be a heavy burden to unveil two flagship models in a year, so it would be difficult to launch a Note model during the second half of the year. Note release times may change, but we are looking to release a new Note next year. “

There will be no Galaxy Note in 2021 for the same reason that you can't buy a PlayStation 5 1The S21 Ultra is Samsung’s most advanced mobile with SPen, and it is not up to the comfort of what the Note range offers.

Bad year for Galaxy Note enthusiasts. On the one hand, the Note 20 Ultra was a mobile that was less convincing than its predecessor due to the reduction in autonomy, while the bet to include a SPen in the Galaxy S21 Ultra although it has its appeal and is an alternative for those who They use the SPen, the compromises it raises mean that the user experience is not up to the level of a Note.

On a personal level and as the owner of a Note 10+ and with the desire that I had to find a worthy successor, it discourages me. Thank goodness that hardware and update support still have a long time to go.

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