There will be Galaxy Note next year, rumors that killed it before its time collapse

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There will be Galaxy Note next year, rumors that killed it before its time collapse 1

Since 2011, the Galaxy Note have represented in Spain the best that Samsung was capable of doing on mobile devices. Pioneers in large screens and the use of the pencil as a professional tool, in addition to equaling or exceeding in performance and photography to the Galaxy S of its own generation.

The best Samsung mobile is not for all audiences, and that makes it seem like a terminal for many that makes less and less sense, as the Galaxy S have been increasing in size. Because of this, many analysts have been killing the Galaxy Note for years, a rumor that in recent months has been taking a lot of force and that seems to be starting to deflate.

The Galaxy Note that was dead is no longer

It is possible that during the last months you have read many rumors about the death of the Galaxy Note in some media. As we discussed a few months ago, these rumors were based on two key points:

We tested the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2 5G, the best folding in the worldGalaxy Z Fold, the mobile called to replace the Note.

  1. In the rumor that the Galaxy S21 and Fold 3 would have support for SPen, which made the existence of the Note senseless.
  2. The absence of leaks of the Galaxy Note.

These rumors from the first moment they emerged seemed too inconsistent to give them credibility, and it seems that they are beginning to lose steam. The reason? Well, rumors are beginning to appear that would indicate that there will be Galaxy Note in 2021 (I would say that to no one’s surprise).

Just yesterday, Dr. TM Roh, president and business director of mobile communications of Samsung Electronics announced among the plans for 2021 to bring some features of the Galaxy Note, which fueled the craving of the most doom-mongers.

Faced with the misinterpretation of the words of the Samsung executive, a Samsung official clarified to the Korean media Yonhap News that the information given by Rohdoes not imply the disappearance of the range, and that the company plans to launch models in the Galaxy Note family next year.

That it is true that it makes sense that sooner or later the Galaxy Fold end up replacing the Note, perhaps in a future in which the pencil is capable of working on flexible screens and that it does not cost twice as much money, which is the cause that best justifies the continued existence of different ranges.

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