The Xiaomi Mi Box S updates and corrects 7 errors

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The Xiaomi Mi Box S updates and corrects 7 errors 1

The Xiaomi Mi Box S is one of the Android TV Box of the chinese brand, that came to market in late 2018. Thanks to the same it is possible to convert your TV into a Android TV, in addition to having access to a large amount of content on streaming. With some frequency, these devices are kept up to date and make improvements or correct errors.

This is the case now for this Xiaomi Mi Box S, that has received a new update. This is an upgrade that already has access to Android 9.0 Foot, but that leaves us also with a series of errors that have been corrected, this being part of possibly the most prominent.

Official update for the Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Xiaomi Mi Box S updates and corrects 7 errors 2Via: Android Police.

If you have a Xiaomi Mi Box S, it is possible that you have already received the update to Android 9 Foot. It is a stable update to this version of the operating system. Has a weight of about 600 MB and the users that have received it have been met with a notification that you were informed of the availability of the same, so that they could then update.

The update is being rolled out currently all over the world. It is for this reason that it is surely a matter of a few days you will receive this update in your model. Although for the moment have not been given dates for the arrival of the same to each country, will be a matter of waiting.

Bugs that are fixed in the update

As we have mentioned, this has been mainly the correction of errors highlights in this update for the Xiaomi Mi Box S. Some of the bugs were annoying and affected the proper functioning of this Android TV Box, so that with this update they should disappear. The bugs fixed are:

  1. Fixed errors in the operation of Chromecast.
  2. The audio delay in Bluetooth is fixed.
  3. The problems of compatibility of HDMI have been fixed.
  4. Fixed the bug that causes applications (Hulu, mostly) will freeze and have issues of stuttering during playback.
  5. The bug that made Gboard does not work when you connect an external keyboard.
  6. The pop sound when STB is in standby mode is solved.
  7. The error special decoding H264 is solved.

The entrance to The Xiaomi Mi Box S is updated and corrected 7 important errors first appears on The Android Free.