The Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro receive MIUI 12 stable: all the latest

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First impressions of the Xiaomi Mi 9 T: a monster at an affordable price

One of the layers of customization with the greatest work is MIUI 12, the last version that will reach a lot of mobile of Xiaomi are available in Spain. This version began its development a few months ago, and was shown publicly for the Xiaomi just a few weeks ago.

Although there are several devices that will receive MIUI 12, the Xiaomi Mi 9 and 9T were marked as the first to receive this version. Earlier this month we met the first “Beta stable” version that is ready to go.

MIUI 12 stable close to the end

According to the official calendar of Xiaomi, MIUI 12 was a version that would end up coming to the end of the month for their first devices. These devices are the Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro, as well as the variant of this, the Redmi K20 Pro.

The Xiaomi Mi 9 and Mi 9T Pro receive MIUI 12 stable: all the latest 1Source: XDA Developers.

These devices are already starting to receive the OTA update, so you should receive this version in the next few days, although you can also download it from the links to official Xiaomi.

  • MIUI 12 stable for My 9.
  • MIUI 12 stable for My 9T Pro / Redmi K20 Pro.

All the changes of the update

  • Animations of the system:
    • New animations based on physics with advanced architecture that cool looks of your device.
    • Technology of dynamic windows to bring the screen orientation to a new level.
  • Visual aspect:
    • New visual design for all content and languages.
    • Interface with magazine style to create a content more clear.
  • Super wallpapers:
    • The super funds screen exceeds the physical limits and help you to inspire you in every touch.
    • Fixed: The color of the status bar was not displayed correctly in dark mode.
  • Privacy:
    • MIUI 12 is the first system based on Android that brings a new system of privacy rigorously improved.
    • Controls the information that is sent to the data sharing.
  • Floating windows:
    • Slides down a messaging notification into a floating window.
    • The venanas floating keep the application active in the foreground even when the breaks or do other things.
    • You can minimize a floating window using gestures to screen copleta.
    • You can open an app in floating window directly from the recent apps.
    • Press and hold an app in the recent to choose between split-screen and floating.
  • Control center:
    • Swipe from the top right corner to open the control center.
    • New animated icons.
    • Optimizations:
      • The control center is closed to receive incoming calls.
      • Press and hold the options of redirection.
    • Arrangements:
      • The brightness control could not be used when the control center was open for the first time.
      • The order of the switches was not the correct one.
      • Switch between SIM cards was causing errors.
      • Accessibility features do not appear available in the edit mode.
  • Dark mode:
    • The dark mode now works with third-party applications.
    • The contrast is automatically reduced in low light conditions to protect your eyes.
    • The wallpapers appear in a palette darker when the device is in dark mode.
  • Casting:
    • Now you can hide private items when you send screen and minimize the window of multi-tasking.
  • Screen always active:
    • Fixed elements of the unlock screen that appeared on the screen is always active.
  • Lock screen:
    • Fixed problems with the fingerprint reader.
    • Deleted items screen and lock screen always active in the second space.
  • Home screen:
    • New animated icons.
    • App drawer with categories.
    • New animation for uninstall applications.
    • Animations with gravity to an effect more natural.
  • Camera:
    • New Pro mode.
    • Optimizations in the names of the parameters of the Pro mode.
  • The time:
    • New animations.
  • Settings:
    • Mode Lite simplifies your device and offers features essential to the front.
    • Gestures in full screen to switch between apicaciones.
  • Notes:
    • You can create folders of notes.
    • New funds of screen dynamic.
    • Completed tasks have an animation that would be more satisfying.
    • Lists of subtasks.

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