The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is real: the MIUI 12 code confirms its existence

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Xiaomi Mi 11 featured

This week the Xiaomi Mi 11 was announced, the first high-end that the brand will launch in Spain in 2021. Typically, Xiaomi presents two models in this type of event, but this time they have left us only with the normal model. These days rumors have already started about the existence of a Mi 11 Pro, which would hit the market in February.

It seems that the Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is real, as confirmed by the MIUI 12 gallery app. In this way the rumors that there will be a second model within this high range are confirmed, for which we will have to wait a little longer until it becomes official.

The Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro is real

Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro code MIUI 12

As reported by XDA Developers, in the new MIUI gallery app version 12 It has been possible to see the confirmation that this Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro exists. The brand has released version of the app for its phones in China and in this version it has been possible to see a line of code confirming this next high-end phone.

The code shows the Mi 11 presented this week, in addition to mentioning this other model. In addition, in this code it has been possible to know something more about this new Pro model, like it will have a curved screen. It would not be something strange, considering that the normal model comes with a screen with curved corners and 2K resolution.

It is expected that this Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro will also have functions like MEMC, SDR to HDR mapping and AI scaling. Since these features were not mentioned this week in the presentation of the regular model, it is likely that they will be exclusive to the Pro model.

It is not known when this new phone will be made official, although rumors point to February. We will have to wait for some confirmation from the brand about the existence of this new Xiaomi Mi 11 Pro. At least it seems clear that they will continue to launch two models in their high-end, as in other years.

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