The wireless headphones of OnePlus will have a great deal of autonomy

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The wireless headphones of OnePlus will have a great deal of autonomy 1

On the 21st of July we have a appointment with OnePlus, that holds an event where it will leave us with his phone cheap called Nord. This event, which we will follow in direct from Spain, will not leave us only with this phone brand. Because the manufacturer is going to let us with their first wireless headset.

These headphones will come with the name OnePlus Budsas confirmed the own brand yesterday. Until now there are few details on these headphones, although we already know that autonomy will not be a problem for them. Since the mark now shares data on this autonomy.

The OnePlus Buds will have up to 30 hours of autonomy

OnePlus Buds autonomy

Yesterday mark said that it is important in these OnePlus Buds was that they had a good sound and provide a good user experience. These are the two pillars on which the brand has designed these headphones. Within this experience, the autonomy that dan is something essential and it seems that these headphones will perform well.

These headphones allow us to listen to music for seven hours on a single charge. This already allows you to outperform other competitors, such as the Pixel Buds 2 Google. In addition, in the advertisement of the brand, with its charging case included, we have a range of up to 30 hours available in these headphones.

It promises to be a good autonomy, especially if we take into account the reduced size that will have the headphones and their case load. Thanks to this good battery life, the OnePlus Buds outperform many of its competitors in the market, causing it to become an option to consider for users who are looking for a wireless headset, in these moments. Give more autonomy models as popular as the AirPods from Apple.

On July 21, we will be able to know everything about these OnePlus Buds, the first wireless headphones from the brand. On the price nothing is known of the time, even though from the brand claim that they will have a reasonable price. This suggests that it will not be the most expensive in the market, but also not too cheap. In a week we will leave doubts.

The input of The wireless headphones of OnePlus will have a great deal of autonomy appears first in Android Free.