The voice chat for groups comes to Telegram and its design is spectacular

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In Spain, messaging applications are increasingly used to make calls or video calls. Although tools such as WhatsApp or Google Meet are the most used, Telegram is one of the most important also thanks to the number of functions incorporated.

In what is its last big update of 2020, Telegram debuts new group voice calls. Beyond the audio technology, what is spectacular about this feature is the spectacular design that this feature receives.

Telegram: “Voice calls, as they should be”

This is how the company has titled the arrival of what is its last major update of the year. This is a feature that groups had been waiting for years, and it was the arrival of voice calls.

Although most messaging applications have been incorporating voice calls for groups for some time, the approach that Telegram has on these makes implementing the function more complex, since due to their size, sometimes they are much more than groups, reaching to be large communities (such as the official group of El Androide Libre).

Beyond the internal logic, Telegram has outdone itself by incorporating a very intuitive design. When a group call is initiated in the group, a banner will appear at the top of the conversation, indicating the number of users in the call and with a button to join.

At the design level, we find three large buttons that allow us to mute the microphone, speaker or leave the call. These controls can be minimized in a floating bubble to continue chatting or use other applications. The floating controls for these types of applications are extremely useful, and we love that they have bet on them.

Telegram will not be limited only to adding voice chat for groups, but they have also confirmed that we will soon be able to add video to these conversations, as well as share the screen of our mobile and computer, as in Discord.

The voice chat for groups comes to Telegram and its design is spectacular 1


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