The Telltale Series: A Narrative Graphic Adventure Game

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In this regard, the developer does not disappoint us, who continues with the same line of work that she already has applied in titles such as The Wolf Among Us, The Walking Dead or Batman: The Enemy Within. We are going to show everything that this graphic adventure with a lot of mystery entails.

Batman - The Telltale Series
Batman - The Telltale Series

Batman’s crusade with The Joker, Harley Quinn, Catwoman …

In the past, a title based on a successful name from movies, television or comics was almost synonymous with failure in terms of quality, but, at the same time, almost always a guarantee of good sales. Thanks to the work of teams like this or Rocksteady With their Batman Arkham, to keep only a couple, we have quality video games in our hands to which, finally, the fan of this or which brand can turn to put themselves in the shoes of their favorite characters.

In fact, putting yourself in the shoes of the superhero created by Bob kane and being able to choose for him the path that he takes at the different crossroads that he will find is a pleasure of which, with this first episode, we only begin to savor the appetizers.

batman - the telltale series dialogues

Within the series with five episodes, we have a start of the first in which the foundations are laid for what is to come. As is usual in this study, the starter introduces us to the characters and begins to draw what their plot arcs will be. Batman does not need an introduction, of course, but the usual skill that this renowned studio shows off with dialogues leaves us sensational staging for others such as Catwoman, Harvey Dent or own Alfred.

The relationship with the butler, of course, is one of the strongest bet on having a presence in the first minutes, and its creators have carried out a fantastic execution alternating their parts of stillness and conversations with a powerful sequence of action.

But if we have to choose a differential aspect, our favorite point in this field is, without a doubt, the bond that unites Bruce Wayne and Harvey Dent. Both are needed, and anyone who knows a minimum of the history of Batman will know perfectly how the couple ends, something that we will not tell of course. However, they create stupendous moments of tension between them. The range is completed with those already mentioned and some others, and although Telltale said that he would take certain liberties in the psychological treatment of both, the thing has not gone too far by introducing only subtle novelties and a handful of unexpected features in some of them as, for example, Harvey himself.

Telltale’s great work on history

Of course, not everything is gold that glitters, since the plot does not have a too fast-paced rhythm, nor is it perfectly cohesive. We hardly find moments where we put our hands to our heads or unexpected plot twists. In many of the conversations, information is introduced (sometimes with a shoehorn) that any Batman veteran knows, such as the fate of his parents or what moves each character, so the video game does not create differentiations.

You don’t have to be a connoisseur of his universe to enjoy it and it is intended for any fan of video games, not necessarily the hardcores of the winged superhero. That causes some somewhat forced moments, and it is that sometimes the dialogues can be overexposed based on wanting to give many explanations in very few scenes.

batman - the telltale series controls

On the other hand, it is a pity that although the parts of Bruce wayne They are well drawn and they tell us an interesting story that we can take sides with by defining the personality of the hero, those of Batman himself are not so well resolved. This, if we think about it a bit, actually makes a lot of sense because at the end of the day we are talking about a three-dimensional, complex and tormented character, on the one hand, and his alter ego with armor and a certain tendency to brutality on the other.

However, and however logical it may be, it does not stop drawing attention that everything related to moral conflicts and the most important decisions we make with the protagonist in civilian clothes at parties, talks and different meetings. On the other hand, when we put on the suit and the cape we limit ourselves almost exclusively to solving QuickTime Events simple enough that, to add to the frustration, they usually have no punishment for non-compliance.

Likewise, planning is a fundamental aspect of Batman’s actions, so there is also room for it. As if it were creating a choreography, in some sequences we can create a kind of simulation with which to decide what the character will do and how he will do it.

Our interaction is scarce again, but the truth is that being able to create our own choreography for the winged superhero is not something that is without a certain attraction. Just as the research section is intriguing, which without offering anything especially revolutionary does allow us the greatest moments of interaction.

Spectacular graphics, but without voices in Spanish

Visually, the video game has the same hallmarks as the usual Telltale Games works, although enhanced by a somewhat less flimsy technical section. The general appearance is more striking, and although some animations and the quality of certain elements still leave much to be desired, we must recognize a certain advance and the factor of always choosing projects in which the particular artistic style of those responsible fits like a glove. .

batman - the telltale series graphics

As for the audio, the music is fantastic and, in addition, we no longer have to wait months, as in the first games of the studio, for the title to arrive in our language. However, the Spanish used is Latin and only shown in subtitles, and although the differences are not too obvious, they are particularly noticeable in some specific expressions and in the names of certain characters. We are also not convinced by the format of the game, similar to 4: 3, leaving a lot of space on the sides of the image, as you have already seen.

Finally, we must emphasize that the appearances of this Batman game show that the story can only be done individually, but quite the opposite. Thanks to the integration of Crowdplay, what Telltale does is a twist on that concept, inviting several friends (up to four) to witness the game and give us a hand with the decisions by participating directly in these with their phones.