The stories of Instagram now occupy double the space

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The stories of Instagram now occupy double the space 1

Instagram is testing a new format in their popular stories. The new change is to give greater importance and prominence by adding a second row to their stories. How important is this and what is the future that awaits us?

The stories of Instagram will the double

The stories of Instagram have become one of the ways to share the most important of the social network. Thanks to its temporary nature, many users have been encouraged to use it with a multitude of content that they want to share but which do not intend to stay forever on your profile.

It was not reasonable that these stories are so popular they occupy so little space on the screenwhen it is common in the design of interfaces is to give more presence to the parties that you want to have better access.

And it seems that finally, Instagram will respond to the trends, giving greater prominence on the screen to their stories. In the last few hours we have been able to appreciate that now the stories will take the double. The icons are occupying the same space, so that the first change is limited to simply add a second row.

The stories of Instagram now occupy double the space 2

This double space is limited to the top of the screen, and as soon as we started to slide down in the publications, they disappear as did the stories usually.

In these moments the new row of Instagram, it only has appeared on an iPhonealthough when you look at other mobile phones we cannot confirm that it is an exclusive for iOS, and it is more likely that in the course of the day come to many more users.

This movement is a declaration of intentions on the part of Instagram, and it is likely that in the near future end up taking even more prominence, perhaps occupying half of the screen and having a larger size, perhaps with larger icons.

It’s all part of an uncertain future, and is that at the end only in Facebook know which will be the next ways of your social network more photographic.

The stories of Instagram now occupy double the space 3

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