The search button disappears from the keyboard of Google

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The search button disappears from the keyboard of Google 1

As sure many of you already know, Google has many applications that compete with third party services. One of the most used but perhaps the least known to the public is Gboard, the keyboard of Google for Android devices.

This keyboard is integrated very well in the daily use of our mobile phones, in part due to the great amount of useful functions that it has like a clipboard on which you can save texts for an indefinite or a great customization through themes, colors, and functions.

The G button search disappears from Gboard

The search button disappears from the keyboard of Google

Another of the features that made it practical, this keyboard was the presence of a button with the people of Google in the top left which gave us access to the search engine without having to leave the screen in which we were.

This function seems to have been removed by Google through an update on the servers, since the application itself has not been updated. If you open your keyboard you’ll see that this people is no longer available.

The keyboard continues to have a search engine, and to activate it we have to display the menu that we where once there was the people from Google. If we want to we can leave and hold up the magnifying glass to drag it to the bar at the top of functions, but it simply serves to look for locations in some applications and GIFS in all.

The search button disappears from the keyboard of Google

Let’s hope that Google explain the reason of the disappearance of a button that was practical and that it helped him to generate more searches on their service. And if you were wondering, it is not possible to install a previous version already to make a change on the part of the server to which are connected the applications, does not depend on the APK.

In addition, if you look in the search bar now displays the word Google, something that seems not to liking to many users, but you can’t remove it.

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