The Samsung Galaxy S2 receives Android 11 with a LineageOS ROM

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Almost a decade ago the first image of what was then Samsung’s flagship, the Samsung Galaxy S2. This terminal started the company’s trend of creating an exceptionally powerful terminal every year, with almost no shortcomings, something that its predecessor could not boast of.

Of course, many years ago the users who bought this mobile, including myself, replaced it with others. A decade is a long time in many ways, but in technology it is almost another era.

However, there are developers who like to keep fiddling with these types of devices, such as those who have created nothing less than a working ROM for the Samsung Galaxy S2 based on Android 11.

LineageOS 18.1 brings Android 11 to the Samsung Galaxy S2

Here are some tips in case your mobile gets too hot

As with all ROMs, especially at the beginning of their development, the functionality is extensive but not complete. In this case we know that the screen works, as well as the audio or Wi-Fi connectivity. We can even make calls, but not receive them.

Obviously, this will improve over time but it is not a project to use on your main mobile, if there is someone who in 2020 uses a Galaxy s2 as the main mobile.

Despite that, if you have a unit of this model at home and you want to try to mess around a bit this is a good opportunity. You can download the Rom and follow the developer’s advice from this XDA Developers forum thread.

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