The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 being updated in a big way in Spain

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Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S10+

Samsung is the largest manufacturer of smartphones worldwide, and despite not being one who follows the rhythm more agile in terms of system updates, if that improves continuously its best mobile by adding constant improvement.

Few days ago we knew that the Samsung Galaxy S10 and the Note 10 will be updated in all of its variants to include some new features of the Galaxy S20, as well as other minor improvements. This update that would begin to arrive at the end of march has already arrived to Spain.

The Galaxy S10, and Note 10 are updated with the improvements to the S20

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 being updated in a big way in Spain 1

Samsung has started to update its best mobile of the last year to add the latest news that we met with Samsung Galaxy S20. These updates include improvements in AR, Emoji, new camera features, a gallery and much more smart and new utilities such as Quick Share and Music Share, as well as new functions on the keyboard.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 being updated in a big way in Spain 2

These updates have begun to receive them in our Samsung Galaxy S10+ and Note 10+, and in both devices receive the same improvements. In the case of the Galaxy Note 10+, the update weighs 1703,52 MB and in the S10+ 1556,16 MB. Both mobile phones are updated with the security patch April 2020. As additional data, Samsung continues without fixing the system, of gestures, of Android 10, which is still compatible only with the own launcher of Samsung.

If you have a Samsung Galaxy S10, s10e netbook, S10+, Note 10, or 10+ you can check if your mobile is ready to receive the update by clicking on Settings -> software Update -> Download and install.

Details of the update

  • AR Emoji:
    • It has been upgraded AR Emoji with improvements such as the function of manual editing, and the recognition improved of the facial expressions.
    • Because it has been updated to the new version of the application AR Emoji, the next time you open the app you will delete all the AR emojis previously saved.
  • New features of Camera:
    • We have added different menus, modes and filters, such as Zone AR, single shooting, professional Video, My filters, Tone of selfie, camera quick night and a mode of recording videos with the front camera in FHD/UHD at 60 fps.
  • Gallery:
    • Now the similar images are grouped together to enjoy a viewing experience and more organized.
    • It has added a feature that lets you combine multiple groups of different albums in a single group, or to combine several groups and albums in the same group.
    • It has added an improved search function to find photos based on different types of information, such as the time or the place in which the photographs were taken.
    • Has been added the function of Clipping fast to expand and to trim parts of high-resolution images.
  • Keyboard Samsung:
    • Added a feature of multilingual translation.
    • Added a feature that allows you to search for different items, such as emojis and stickers, at the same time.
    • Added a function to undo/redo text. (Swipe with two fingers to the left or to the right on the keyboard).
    • An icon was added to open Samsung Pass.
  • Quick Share:
    • Now you can share files quickly and easily with Samsung devices nearby using the Quick Share.
  • Share music:
    • Music Share now allows you to share music with your friends using a Bluetooth audio device.
  • More information:
    • Galaxy S10+.
    • Galaxy Note 10+.

The entrance to The Samsung Galaxy S10 and Note 10 being updated in a big way in Spain appears first in Android Free.