The Samsung Galaxy Buds Live are updated with functions of the Buds Pro

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Galaxy Buds Live

Samsung’s Galaxy Buds Live were launched last August in Spain, along with the Galaxy Note 20. These wireless headphones from the manufacturer were the most recent until a new generation was launched at the beginning of this year, the Galaxy Buds Pro, the most advanced of the brand so far , thanks to its noise cancellation.

Shortly after its launch, Samsung updated these Galaxy Buds Pro with a function that improved the L / R sound balance in these headphones, as well as Auto Switching. These two functions are now officially launched for the Galaxy Buds Live in the new update that is already rolling out globally.

Update for Galaxy Buds Live

Galaxy Buds Live

It is a useful function for users who suffer from hearing loss in one ear, in order to have a good sound balance at all times and a good experience when listening to music. Along with this feature, the Galaxy Buds Live get another feature that many users have been waiting for.

Also Auto Switching function, which was launched in the Galaxy Buds Pro, comes to these headphones. This function allows you to switch from a phone to a tablet, at any time. If, for example, you are watching content on a tablet, such as the Galaxy Tab S7, and you receive a call on your Galaxy S21, you can switch to the smartphone to answer that call and when you have finished return to the tablet, without having to remove the headphones anywhere moment. This feature is available for more and more models using One UI 3.1.

The update has serial number R180XXU0AUB5 and it has already begun its official deployment. For now it seems that it is only being launched in the United States, before it begins to reach users in the rest of the world with these Galaxy Buds Live. Samsung has not given dates for this deployment for now, although it will surely be a matter of days before it reaches all users.

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