The Samsung Galaxy A10s is updated to Android 10, and One IU 2

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The update policy of Samsung is unique. The giant south Korean is not known for being the one that updates faster to their phones, and part of that part of the large number of models that they have in their catalog. Where if you stand out remarkably in the consistency and transparency at the time of announcing mobile phones that will be updated and their dates. And today the turn has come to

The best Samsung phones have already been updated, and during these months it is the turn of those models of second or third line. The company has begun the deployment of updates to the Samsung Galaxy A10S, one of the most mobile cheap in the catalog of Samsung.

The Samsung Galaxy A10s is updated to Android 10, and One IU 2

Samsung has begun the deployment of updates to the Galaxy A10s in countries such as Malaysia, a mobile phone really cheap. This update includes all the new features of Android 10, in addition to the own Samsung in the personalization layer One IU 2. The update is numbered under the version A107FXXU5BTCB and includes the security patch of march 2020.

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The Samsung Galaxy A10s is the improved version of Galaxy A10, the successor of a phone that we were able to test some months ago and which we loved because of the great performance offered for its price is extremely reduced. Both mobile are very similar on a technical level, so Samsung should not take the update to the Galaxy A10.

Most important improvements of One UI 2…

The Samsung Galaxy A10s is updated to Android 10, and One IU 2 1

  • Dark mode improved: One IU was already so dark, but now improved by adapting better the image, text and color settings, as well as a little darkening in the wallpapers, widgets and alarms.
  • Animations are more fluid.
  • Gestures Android 10.
  • Better navigation with one hand: buttons more accessible and enhanced mode.
  • Accessibility: best large texts, and the function to be able to read any sound of the mobile.
  • More improvements: multimedia, biometric data, device maintenance, health, digital, camera, internet, contacts, calendar, reminders, files, calculator and more…

…and Android 10

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On occasions we have spoken of some of the most important novelties of Android 10, and although we recommend you watch the video or read the article thoroughly, we offer a summary of the ten most important features of Android 10.

  1. Automatic subtitles.
  2. Intelligent answers.
  3. Amplifier of sound.
  4. Navigation with gestures.
  5. Dark theme.
  6. Most privacy.
  7. Control your location.
  8. System updates from Google Play.
  9. Mode Concentration.
  10. Family Link.

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