The Samsung clock app will help you sleep better with its new function

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The Samsung clock app will help you sleep better with its new function 1

Last April Google renamed one of its functions in Digital Wellbeing, also in Spain. The formerly known as Wind Down became Bedtime Mode, bedtime in spanish, like rest mode. This update also changed its interface and introduced a new mode to activate this function, which is now easier to activate on Samsung phones.

Those Samsung phones with Android 10 or higher have a new way to activate this Digital Wellbeing feature. This new method is from the clock application in One UI, so it is much easier to use this feature on the phone.

Samsung updates its clock app with sleep mode

Samsung bedtime clock

When you open the Samsung clock application on your mobile, when you want to set a new alarm, you will also have the option called “set bedtime”. This function allows you to keep track of your sleep, establishing the times you normally go to bed and the time you wake up each day. Thanks to it, a sleep pattern is established on your mobile.

On the next screen It is allowed to set the reminder notification. Also, there is a switch with which to activate this bedtime mode. Activating this option causes the screen to show tones in the grayscale, in addition to activating the do not disturb mode, blocking calls, alerts or other sounds during sleep hours.

Samsung Bedtime Clock

Below is possible configure everything related to the alarm on the One UI clock. You will be able to configure the sound of it, the type of vibration or the repetition, to press then on done and thus have this alarm already created. This is how you have established the hours to go to bed and wake up on your Samsung mobile.

This new function is already being launched among Samsung phones, although it seems that for now it is limited to models with One UI 3.1, like the Galaxy S21. Devices with One UI 3 are expected to be able to use it as well soon. For those who don’t want to wait to use it, they can download the APK of the clock app now.

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