The Redmi K40 could be a LITTLE outside of China

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The brand, mobile and family strategy that Xiaomi is carrying out internationally can be a bit confusing. The company sometimes indicates that POCO and Redmi mobiles behave like models of other brands, independent brands, but reality does not always show it.

In recent years we have seen how many Xiaomi phones have been sold outside of China under the Pocophone umbrella, such as the F2 Pro, the M2 Pro or the X2. And that’s what it looks like will happen with the new Redmi K40.

The new high-end POCO would be a renamed Redmi K40

The Redmi K40 could be a LITTLE outside of China

As has been seen in a new leak, POCO would have certified a new mobile with characteristics very similar, if not identical, to those of the Redmi K40.

This new model, codenamed M2012K11AGIt would use a Snapdragon 870, a 48MP main camera, a 6.67-inch diagonal screen, and a 4420 mAh battery.

The latter is the only thing that would not fit with the K40 since the Redmi models have a 4520 mAh battery. It is a minor difference and may be a legal issue or a minor change in design.

The peculiar thing is that Xiaomi certified a similar model, with an almost identical name, called M2012K11AC, which is the model announced today.

And what about the Xiaomi Mi 11T?

In addition to being sold as a Poco, it is not unlikely that Xiaomi will sell the Redmi K40 and other members of the family in Europe as T variants of its 2021 flagship. There are no rumors that the Xiaomi Mi 11T will be presented for now, but Given the trajectory of the last few years, it is not something that we should rule out.

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