The Redmi K40 already has a presentation date

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The Redmi K40 already has a presentation date

February is usually a busy month in the mobile telephony sector, especially in Spain. The reason is the celebration of the MWC in Barcelona, ​​an event that this year will not take place, at least in the month in which it is usually held.

Despite that, the brands have not stopped the cascade of presentations and if yesterday we attended the event in which Xiaomi announced its Xiaomi Mi 11 on an international scale, today we know when the Redmi K40, which could be seen in Spain as Xiaomi MI 11T.

The K40 will be presented at the end of February

The Redmi K40 already has a presentation date

An image published on Chinese social networks indicates that on the 25th of this month It will be when the presentation event of the new family takes place.

A Redmi K40 is expected to be announced but also a Pro model, the Redmi K40 Pro. At least the latter would boast a 2K screen, similar to that of the Xiaomi Mi 11.

What we know about the Redmi K40

Many features of these models have been leaked, starting with the use of the 2K screen as we have said. In addition, it is expected that the Pro model uses the Snapdragon 888 and that the normal K40 opts for either a Qualcomm 7 series processor or a Mediatek model, surely the Dimensity 1200. From the cameras we only know that the Pro would have a 108 Mpx sensor.

The Redmi K40 already has a presentation date 1

There is also talk that they could come without a charger, although that would be something to consider in China. We say that because the Xiaomi Mi 11 was put on sale with and without a charger at the same price, but in the presentation in Spain we have known that in our country it will always come with the appropriate charger. Presumably, the same thing would happen with the Redmi K40.

The supposed starting price of the Redmi K4 was also published in early January, 2999 yuan, about 380 euros at the change, although that price would be valid in China.

The Redmi K40 already has a presentation date 2

Finally, it is possible that these models arrive under the Xiaomi brand, as T variants of the Xiaomi Mi 11, something that we have seen previously in the predecessors of these Redmi.

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