The privacy problem suffered by Genshin Impact

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To the people of miHoYo everything was coming face to face: great recognition, awards, success on all platforms, millionaire profits… All this without a consolidated structure such as that of a more established video game company in the sector. This has resulted in a problem that it is better to hurry to solve.

Genshin Impact

A privacy issue in Genshin Impact that puts gamers at risk

Despite being one of those titles that users play so eagerly until the end of the campaign, there are players who continue to enjoy this adventure with the multiple missions it has and the Elite Bosses that there are to defeat throughout the game map. There are even players who have not finished the story yet due to its long duration.

The fact is that all those players who have an account in Genshin Impact are exposed, without knowing it, to a security problem that has been solved recently. Through said problem, phone numbers could be filtered of all those users who have used it to register their user accounts, or who have added it to their account information later.

The problem has already been fixed

The problem, which was reported by multiple users via Reddit, arose when using the account recovery function, that is, the one that allows you to create a new password in case you have forgotten the previous one. To regain access to the Genshin Impact account on the web, it is necessary to enter the username, choosing the email or phone number to access the password change.

privacy problem genshin impact phone

That is where the problem arose, since if we enter the email only part of it is seen, the rest being distorted. On the other hand, the same did not happen when entering the phone number, since it was completely exposed. The problem has already been solved, but until MiHoYo has fixed it, and especially since it was made public on Reddit, there are many users who may be affected by this security hole. Without a doubt, it is a very serious mistake on the part of the creators of Genshin Impact, especially when it comes to a highly demanded game.