The popular streaming app Mobdro no longer works

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How to watch TV on your Android mobile with the Mobdro application

The use of video streaming applications has increased radially during the pandemic. This has been seen in legal apps and platforms such as Netflix or HBO, but also in others that did not always comply with the rules, such as Mobdro.

The popular app for streaming content, especially football matches and other sports, has been one of the most used in Spain. The reason is that it was one of the few options there were to watch sports leagues without having to pay a telephone operator.

Until today.

Mobdro can no longer be used

The popular streaming app Mobdro no longer works 1

Due to numerous complaints of copyright infringement, the domains that hosted the platform’s streaming have been canceled.

Specifically, it was the Indian cricket league that brought the lawsuit against Mobdro, which caused the domain registrars to close down. This competition, although it sounds strange in the West, is one of the most important in the world in the sports field, due to the number of followers in the Asian country.

We do not know if those responsible for the application will be able to upload the content and video links to other domains and that the app will work again, but for the moment it seems that it will not.

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