The Play Store launches a new interface: How to install it on your mobile

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Play store new interfaceThe Play Store has a new interface, and as you know, here we are very fans of redesigns (as long as they are for the better, of course), and it seems that Google is determined to make changes to its apps, and at the moment they are not liking it enough . We show you how it is and how to install it.

Every year the screens get bigger, just two or three years ago, 5.5 inches was the standard size for the screens of our phones. Today the 6 inches and 6.4 inches are establishing themselves as the current standard.

This means that, although the edges are reduced and the total size of the phone is the same, the screens are still larger, and therefore, it costs more to reach the top of it.

That’s what Google wants to fix, that’s why you have moved the categories to the bottom of the screen, so that it is much easier to access them.

The new interface of the Play Store

The Play Store presents a new design, which although it is very similar to the previous one, the comfort increases considerably.

new play store interface

How you can see, the categories how games and movies have been moved to the bottom of the screen as we mentioned before. This way it is easier to access those categories and move faster.

In any case, the search bar is still located at the top of the screen, since it would be difficult to place it at the bottom and the design is not too shocking for the user, although they implemented it well in the stock version of Android.

How to install it

But let’s get to the heart of the matter … How to install this new version?

Option 1. Wait

The most obvious option and the one that most users will opt for is wait for the Play Store to update itself, but … We are Android users, we have more options to just wait. So if you are somewhat impatient, attentive.

Option 2. Empty the cache if you have the latest version

There are possibilities that you already have the new version of the Play Store but the physical changes are not manifesting. Check that you have the latest version of the Play Store (15.1.24), you can check it by clicking on the three lines in the upper left part of the screen, we select Settings and we scroll down where we will find the option Play Store version, and we can see what we have.

If this is the case and you have the latest trial version of empty cache from the Play Store and maybe the new version will appear.

Option 3. APK

The option that never fails on Android, download the APK and install it. As you already know, it does not pose any problem or conflict with the current version and then it continues to be updated on a regular basis.

Remember that you can download the APK from the browser but you have to give it permissions to download and install third-party apps.