The perfect mobile when they ask you which cheap mobile to buy

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The perfect mobile when they ask you which cheap mobile to buy

Surely many of you who regularly read the blog are harassed by questions when a friend or relative is going to buy a mobile. Tips, recommendations … but there is almost always one factor in common: “make it cheap.”

So, we have decided to make a compilation to select the perfect mobile when they ask you which cheap mobile to buy. Obviously, perfection is relative, so let’s choose one based on what the buyer prioritizes.

The idea is to lower than 300 euros whenever we can, but sometimes it will be difficult. Of course, there are several models that go below 200 euros.

The general recommendation: Poco X3

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If the person in question is looking for an all-terrain mobile that does not fail in general at all and does not care about the design (I do not think the X3 from Poco is particularly beautiful), the choice is clear.

The Poco X3 is a terminal that continues to fall in price and is about to less than 200 euros in its 64GB configuration. And the 128 GB is close to that price too. The latter is the one we recommend the most.

Buy POCO X3 128GB

The one looking for battery: Moto G9 Plus

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I was recently asked for advice on a cheap cell phone that had a good battery and dual SIM. I didn’t even think about it, the Moto G9 Plus. The autonomy that this terminal gave me in the week that I had it as my main mobile is not normal.

It’s somewhat worse than the Poco X3 in some respects, like the RAM, but the software is quite a bit better. And there is also below 200 euros.

Buy Motorola Moto G9 Plus 128 GB

He who wants something small: Pixel 4a

The perfect mobile when they ask you which cheap mobile to buy

The main problem with this compilation has been looking for a small mobile. There is no. Except for the iPhone 11 Mini, there are no powerful and recommendable mobiles of contained size. And with Android none decent cheap.

So, we have chosen the Pixel 4a, which is not especially cheap, but unless we go to second-hand models it is impossible to buy a mobile less than 6.5 inches.

The alternatives in size are mobiles even more expensive. And always something bigger.

Buy Pixel 4a

The one who wants 5G: realme 7 5G

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The 5G is not essential yet but if it is something very relevant for the buyer to whom you are going to recommend a mobile, his is to opt for the realme 7 5G. It will be more expensive than other options with similar benefits, but it is that 5G is more expensive.

Still it is a terminal that stays below 300 euros, something very rare to have 5G.

Buy realme 7 5G

The one who values ​​the camera: Pixel 4a or realme X3 Superzoom

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And if what we want is a cheap mobile with a good camera, we have two proposals. For image quality and processor, without a doubt the Pixel 4a.

However, if we want adequate quality but much more versatility, the setting is the realme X3 Superzoom, which has a wide-angle and powerful optical zoom. Both are below 400 euros.

Buy realme X3 Superzoom

Buy Pixel 4a

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