The OnePlus watch would arrive in two weeks, with the OnePlus 9

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OnePlus Featured Watch

The OnePlus 9 are the next high-end models that the brand will launch in Spain. Several days ago the date of presentation of these devices was confirmed, which seems not to reach the market alone. Along with these new phones the brand would finally show its first smartwatch.

The brand presented its first activity bracelet in January, in addition to being able to see in its health app that they were soon to launch their own smartwatch. In just a couple of weeks we will be able to meet the first OnePlus smartwatch officially alongside their new phones.

OnePlus watch is coming soon

OnePlus watch

It has been in the firm’s forums where these first photos of the one who it would be the first smartwatch from OnePlus. Although in none of the photos you can see the watch in its entirety, only some corners of it are shown. In addition, it is mentioned that it will be made official soon, and it is expected to be presented together with the new phones in two weeks.

In those forums a contest has been opened in which users can guess what this device is, they have until March 23 in the morning (the same day that the new phones are officially presented). Some clues are given that make it clear that it is the clock, because terms such as healthy or punctual are mentioned, alluding to two of the key functions in a device of this type. In addition, users will be able to win a unit of this brand watch.

In January you could see this OnePlus watch in your health app, showing some of its spheres and the one that was rumored would be its design, which at the moment has not been confirmed. Soon we will be able to get out of doubts about it, because everything indicates that in less than two weeks this watch will be made official.

We do not know the name chosen yet by OnePlus for this smartwatch, nor the specifications that it will have, if it will be in the high range of watches or if it will use Wear OS as the operating system. On March 23 we will have the answers.

The entry The OnePlus watch would arrive in two weeks, with the OnePlus 9 appearing first in The Free Android.