The OnePlus Nord begins to update to Android 11

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The OnePlus Nord begins to update to Android 11 1

A few days after the presentation of the OnePlus 9, the company has begun to update one of the best-selling mobiles, the OnePlus Nord, to Android 11 with Oxygen OS 11.

New interface and more features for the OnePlus Nord

The OnePlus Nord begins to update to Android 11 2

This new software is being shipped to mobile users, two months after the beta went live.

Firmware occupies 2.9 GB And it brings Android 11 as a base, although on top of it is the new OnePlus interface, which changes the design a lot with respect to the previous version. This aesthetic is reminiscent of One UI, but also of the hidden interface of Android 12 that we were able to test a few days ago.

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This update is being rolled out to a few users in a first phase, to verify that no new issues have arisen since the beta version.

When this is confirmed, it will begin to reach the rest of the users. However, if we don’t want to wait we can always flash the ROM with official Android 11 that you can download from this link.

If you have any problems you can contact OnePlus in the support forums, right where the announcement of this update was made a few hours ago.

As we always say, this type of action is always convenient to execute if we know what we are doing. If we do not want to risk leaving the mobile unused, it is better to wait to receive the OTA in a few weeks.

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