The OnePlus Health app is now on the Google Play Store

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A few days ago we learned that OnePlus was about to present its first wearable. No, it is not the long-awaited watch in which he has been working with Google for years, but a smart bracelet with a reasonable price.

There are many manufacturers that have products of this type and all without exception use applications to control the devices from the mobile phone.

OnePlus didn’t have any such app, until now. OnePlus Health It is already available in the Google store, although we cannot install it yet.

Anticipating OnePlus Bracelet Features

The description of the application in the Play Store is not very prolific, although it shows us some of the functions that the bracelet will have.

We can check parameters such as the caloric expenditure we have made, the steps we have taken, as well as the routes we have traveled. It will also measure your heart rate and sleep.

The OnePlus Health app is now on the Google Play Store 1

On the other hand, we can see that this application will also serve to change the bracelet watch faces from the phone itself, although it is very likely that it is something that we can also do from the device itself, although there we have fewer options.

We can also control the notifications that will reach us on the bracelet and the call alerts.

The application makes references to bracelets and watches so this almost certainly confirms not only the device that will see the light in a few days, but that watch that takes longer than the account in development.

Finally, note that this application is identical to the one used by OPPO for its devices, called HeyTap Health, only that the name and icon have been changed.

The OnePlus Health app is now on the Google Play Store 3


This does not take us by surprise because the headphones of both firms are managed with the same application, HeyMelody.

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