The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad

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Table of Contents

The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad 1

OnePlus has made official its new course in the creation of mobile devices. In an era in which have gone up drastically their prices, go back to a few sources that made cheap mobile seems the most appropriate decision. And really celebrate the fact that OnePlus will recognize that there is a market beyond the sector ultra premium.

A new beginning in the returning to the origins sounds great, since many users fondly remember the good times. But do not get carried away by nostalgia, because in the same way that you can leave the mobile phone of the year, we can take also the biggest disappointment.

Understanding to OnePlus, the brand that wanted to create the best possible wireless

One of the aspects that has characterized OnePlus is the brand image they have carved out over the years. Even when their phones were really cheap, the goal of the brand was not to create a cheap mobile, but rather to create the best smartphone possible within their capabilities, and already there to offer a price as fair as possible.

The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad 2

Here, it is to do an exercise in logic and critical thinking. OnePlus has never since low prices because they were taught that others were not honest, but rather by an assessment of what they believed their phones were worth. The only reason why I could not set the price of an iPhone or a Galaxy S was because their mobile did not offer the value of an iPhone or a Galaxy. The reason for wanting a OnePlus was because I couldnt do similar and was cheaper, not because it was better.

OnePlus has been choosing its price on the basis of the real value of their mobile.

OnePlus realized that, and generation after generation have been covering their weaknesses. Without leaving of side the to offer maximum performance, improved their software support, decided to quick load before anyone else and are focused on delivering an experience of Android is very polished, improving the after sales support and photography, an aspect in which you are still behind the best but that has remained at a high level.

OnePlus 3TThe OnePlus 3T was one of the best balance between features and price came to offer.

Everything that OnePlus has won what has reinvested be betterby increasing costs, but set in the same way stronger infrastructure to continue to rise. Still have not managed to create the best mobile, but at least they are a tough contender. If someone asks about the best mobile of 2020, it is possible that the OnePlus 8 Pro pass through your head, something that years ago it was more difficult to see.

The OnePlus cheap yaexistió: the lessons we can take from him

The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad 3

But if there was a time that OnePlus if you tried to create a cheap mobile, in the beginning of the company itself almost. In 2015 we got to know the OnePlus X, the mobile that accompanied the OnePlus 2 as the most affordable option.

The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad 4

At the design level, the OnePlus X was a mobile sensational, offering the technical characteristics at the level of the OnePlus One, a flagship model of the previous year, but in a more compact format. In addition, he was the first OnePlus with AMOLED screen.

For 269 euros, this team was very balanced, but its battery was very fair, the software was not very polished and the camera was far from being competitive. However, he taught a very important lesson.

If you play it for the price, you run the risk of being forgotten

price of the OnePlus 5T

A very important aspect, both in the mobile industry as in life is to learn from your mistakes. OnePlus has been able to scale category because year after year corrected with impressive solvency of their most egregious mistakes of the previous generation. Have taken several years because it is virtually impossible to correct everything at once, but have never been happy with the results. Hence the slogan of the brand, Never Settle (never settle).

The experience of OnePlus with cheap mobile is reduced. We cannot count the first models, because although they were cheap, the attitude was that of creating a good mobile. The only phone that OnePlus has tried to do by restricting itself to its resources is the OnePlus X, mobile that does not work out too well.

This is not by if is negative, since the fastest way to learn from your mistakes is to commit. This new beginning is promising, but from the company should be aware of many details if you want it to go well.

The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but also can be very bad 5

The OnePlus Z (or as it is finished by calling) it’s going to be worse mobile the OnePlus 8but is that taking into account that the OnePlus 7T are still in the catalog, it is probably also worse than this. This requires new challenges in the form of restrictions to a team that is accustomed to seek what is best, without limits.

The adventure of OnePlus in this new era will be determine what you must give up to create a mobile that is cheap, is of excellent quality, but at the same time is not good enough for its users to decide to stop next to the OnePlus 8 “because the cost of the half is just as good.”

Speed, personalization, updates are some of the pillars that OnePlus has built in these 6 years, and it is thus that the users know and appreciate the brand. If you lose the essence, you might condemn the brand for ever.

The entrance to The OnePlus cheap could be the mobile of the year, but you can also leave a very bad first appears in The Android Free.