The OnePlus 9 Pro will debut a unique sensor in its rear camera

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The OnePlus 9 Pro will debut a unique sensor in its rear camera 1

Yesterday the date of presentation of the OnePlus 9 Pro was confirmed, the brand’s flagship for this 2021 in Spain. The brand also confirmed his collaboration with Hasselblad for the development of cameras for your devices. And it is already known what will be the sensor that we will see in this next high-end that will become official at the end of this month.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will arrive with a Sony IMX789 sensor, which has been designed exclusively for this range thanks to this collaboration with Hasselblad. The first promotional video of this sensor has already been published, allowing us to know more about its capabilities.

This is the sensor of the OnePlus 9 Pro

Watch video

With this sensor the OnePlus 9 Pro seeks to be one of the most prominent mobiles in photography this year. The sensor has native dual ISO, full pixel omni-directional autofocus, can record 4K video at 120fps, and supports real-time HDR video processing. In addition, it will also feature Sony’s Digital Overlap HDR (DOL-HDR) technology. Unlike tiered HDR, DOL can capture multiple exposures simultaneously, helping to eliminate ghosting caused by moving objects.

The system used is unique, using two cameras with two prisms that redirect the light 90 degrees. The image processing system will stitch the image together in real time to create an extra wide panorama with a 140 degree field of view. This Sony IMX789 will have an aspect ratio of 16:11, which will allow you to take 4: 3 photos and 16: 9 videos normally. In addition, it has support for 12-bit RAW for photography and Hasselblad will apply its technology to capture true colors.

The OnePlus 9 Pro will also come with improvements also in its front camera. A new autofocus system is used, which will be faster than that of a traditional camera, 5 to 10 times faster. The minimum focusing distance has also been shortened to 15 cm and the reaction times of the autofocus system will allow for good focus even when the hand moves.

Without a doubt, this new sensor promises to be one of the highlights in the brand’s new high-end range. In just two weeks we will be able to meet these brand phones, called to be very popular in the high-end on Android.

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