The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro update to Android 11 with OxygenOS11: these are all the improvements

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The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro update to Android 11 with OxygenOS11: these are all the improvements 1

OnePlus is one of the most relevant companies in the mobile sectorpremiumin Spain. The brand that in its early years seems to have changed its pricing strategy, and even in system design decisions, where they decide to abandon the essence of pure Android in its latest version seen in the OnePlus 8, a move that turned out to be controversial for its obvious resemblances to Samsung’s One UI.

Still, there are aspects that never change, and speed is an added value for OnePlus in every way, including system updates. The company has started rolling out its updates to Android 11, just a month after the official launch.

The OnePlus 8 and OnePlus 8 Pro start to receive Android 11 with OxygenOS 11

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If we talk about Android updates, OnePlus is usually one of the brands that places the greatest emphasis on offering updates as quickly as possible on Android. It is true that this speed seems to be applied only to the model that they have presented that year and that previous generations usually take a little longer to receive the update, but except for specific failures it is a company that usually complies.

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro update to Android 11 with OxygenOS11: these are all the improvements 2

The OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro have begun to receive the update to Android 11 with the new and controversial customization layer of OxygenOS 11. We began to know this version in August, and OnePlus says that it has taken into account the comments of the community to polish it And make it a big step up from previous versions of Oxygen OS.

The stable update began to be deployed yesterday in the form of OTA, although as usual the deployment will be progressive, so it is possible that if you check for updates, it will tell you that there is no new version available yet. OnePlus claims that it is a matter of days for all OnePlus 8 and 8 Pro to receive this update.

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Beyond the latest OnePlus models, the company has confirmed that the 7 series (OnePlus 7, 7 Pro, 7T and 7T Pro), 6 series (OnePlus 6 and 6T) and the OnePlus Nord will receive OxygenOS 11 with Android. 11, without offering dates yet.

Key features of the update

  • System:
    • New user interface that offers a more comfortable experience with various optimizations in the details.
    • New user interface in time that supports dynamic changes between sunrise and sunset.
    • Optimized stability in some third-party applications and improved the user experience.
  • Games area:
    • New toolbox gamingwith facilities to switch to Fnatic mode.
    • Now you can also choose three notification modes to have an immersive gaming experience:
      1. Text only.
      2. Notificationsheads up.
      3. To block.
    • Quick reply mode for WhatsApp and Instagram, which will open the messaging applications in a floating window.
    • Prevention of accidental game closure by Android gestures.
  • Ambient Display:
    • Modealways on Customizable in “Schedule” or “All day”.
    • New clock display created together with the Parsons School of Design in New York, a dynamic clock that changes according to the data of use of the phone.
    • 10 new watch styles.
  • Dark mode:
    • Added shortcut in quick settings.
    • Automatic change mode:
      • By personalized schedule.
      • Day Night.
  • Zen mode:
    • 5 new themes and more time options.
    • Group mode, so that you and your friends can have the same Zen mode.
  • Gallery:
    • Stories mode that automatically mounts videos based on your gallery of photos and videos we store.
    • Optimized loading speed and image preview.
  • Others:
    • Widgets on the desktop may disappear.
  • All the update details on the OnePlus forums.

Most relevant changes in Android 11

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  • Notifications:
    • Notification bubbles: Android now incorporates a native floating notification system similar to the Facebook Messenger bubbles, but much more efficient (so much so that even Facebook abandons its system in Android 11). Applications like Telegram are already experimenting with this system and hopefully it will also end up on WhatsApp.
    • Controls for multimedia applications are now part of the quick settings panel.
    • Now we will have a notification history for each application.
    • Grouped notifications have a cleaner and more visual appearance.
    • Priority notifications allow us to select more important contacts and receive personalized notifications with their avatar and able to bypass do not disturb mode.
  • After holding down the power button, we will not only have access to payment cards, but we also have the possibility of having control of the home automation.
  • Privacy:
    • Specific storage becomes a mandatory feature: From now on, applications that require the use of storage permissions will not be able to register your mobile in full, but only access the files necessary for their use.
      • An exception is made for file managers, which still need full access.
    • Automatic restoration of permissions: When we have not used an app for a long time, it will lose access to the permissions it already had.
    • One-time permissions for camera or microphone: Want to give an app permission to use the camera or microphone but don’t want to give it permission forever? Now you can allow them to use these elements once.

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