The official prices of LG 2021 televisions for Italy: there is also the 27 thousand euro superscreen

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The top of the range are the 77-inch and 88-inch OLED Z1s. First time with a “small” NanoCell: a 43 “for 699 euros

LG today announced the prices for the Italian market of the new 2021 Oled and NanoCell televisions. Latest generation televisions, with innovative technology capable of offering the maximum visual experience in every situation. The top of the range of the family, the Oled Z1, with 8k resolution, are offered in the 88 and 77 ”versions at the price of 26,999 and 22,999 euros respectively.

The strengths of the new LG 2021 smart TVs are audiovisual quality and an ultra-immersive user and entertainment experience, guaranteed by the new smart processor. Alpha α9 fourth generation, present in most new televisions, which allows you to further optimize video and audio quality.

LG Oled: all screens

WebOS 6.0, the new version of LG’s Smart TV platform, allows users to enjoy a more intuitive and easy-to-use interface, full of applications to access their favorite content and compatible with Google Assistant, Amazon Alexa and the ecosystem of Manzana. LG’s new televisions also support Dolby Vision IQ, Dolby Atmos, HDR10 PRO and Filmmaker Mode technologies, which allow movies, TV series and documentaries to come to life through the highest quality images and sounds. In detail:

  • the series OLED G1, characterized by the exceptional Gallery Design and equipped with OLED evo panels capable of offering a visual performance never seen before, is available in three different sizes: 77 inches for 4,999 euros, 65 inches for 3,499 euros and 55 inches for 2,499 euros
  • the series OLED C1 has the most options in terms of screen size. The new 83-inch version debuts on the market at a price of 7,999 euros, the 77-inch version is available at 4,299 euros, the 65-inch version to 3,199 euros, and the 55 and 48-inch versions can be purchased respectively at a price. of 2,199 euros and 1,799 euros.
  • television OLED B1, offered in three different sizes, is available on the market at a price of 3,999 euros for the 77-inch version, 2,499 euros for the 65-inch version and 1,699 euros for the 55-inch version.
  • the series OLED A1 debuts on the market at prices of € 3,899 (77 “version), € 2,399 (65” version), € 1,599 (55 “version) and € 1,499 (48” version).

Wall bracket 2 for LG OLED evo

LG NanoCell: the TVs of 2021

Within the range of LG televisions with technology NanoCell, the series NANO96 With 8K resolution it is available in three inches: the 75-inch version at a price of 3,499 euros, the 65-inch version at 2,499 euros and the 55-inch version at 1,799 euros. the NANO91, with 4K resolution, debuts on the market with the 86-inch version at a price of 3,499 euros, the 75-inch version at 2,299 euros, the 65-inch version at 1,699 euros and the 55-inch version at 1,299.

From the same family, televisions NANO86 They are sold at a price of 2,099 euros (version 75 “), 1,499 euros (version 65”), 1,099 euros (version 55 “) and 999 euros (version 50”). And for the first time, LG NanoCell technology is also available in a smaller form factor, with the series NANO75 in the 43-inch version for 699 euros.

LG reimburses up to 500 euros to those who buy a TV