The Nvidia Shield TV are at a great price on Amazon Spain

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The Nvidia Shield TV are at a great price on Amazon Spain 1

One of the collateral effects of the pandemic that we have experienced in 2020 due to COVID-19 is the increase in the time we spend at home, in part watching movies, series and playing video games.

It is in all these actions where smart TVs become relevant, being already common. However, there are still many models that are either not intelligent or the system they use is not as powerful as we would like.

If you find yourself in that situation, you are in luck because Nvidia has lowered the price of its two Shield TVs, its Android TV system, in Amazon Spain.

Nvidia Shield TV and TV Pro on sale

New Nvidia Shield TV Pro: the perfect Android TV to play

Specifically we have the two current models, the Nvidia Shield TV and TV Pro with price reductions.

The simplest version costs 134.99 euros instead of the 159 that it normally costs, and is perfect for watching content thanks to the support of 4K resolution and HDR technology.

The Pro model has a much larger format and also more power. But its biggest advantage is that we can play Nvidia’s game streaming service if we buy a compatible controller. The price drops from 219 euros to 194 euros.

Highlight of these products details such as the remote control with access to Netflix in a button or the presence of port Ethernet, to achieve the highest connection speed when using streaming video or video games.

Buy Nvidia Shield TV on Amazon

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