The NoxPlayer emulator has been hacked – reinstall it to be safe

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NoxPlayer is an emulator that many users in Spain have installed on their PC, which we have talked about in the past. All those who have it installed on their computers should be careful, as a group of hackers has gained access to the Android emulator server infrastructure and has sent malware to some users in Asia.

Has been the Slovak security company ESET which discovered this attack. NoxPlayer users who have been affected are advised to reinstall the Android emulator on their devices, in order to permanently remove this malware.

Hacking NoxPlayer

NoxPlayer emulator

NoxPlayer is an Android emulator popular with many gamers. It is mainly used to run Android games on x86 PCs and has been developed by Hong Kong firm BigNox. According to what has been learned, a group of hackers have obtained access to one of the company’s official APIs ( and file hosting servers ( With this access, the group has manipulated the NoxPlayer update download URL on the API server to deliver malware to users.

It seems that the purpose of this malware is not to obtain money, such as by stealing bank access data, but rather to be able to spy on users. The attackers Gained access to BigNox servers long ago, since at least September 2020. This attack does not target all users of this emulator.

According to the ESET report, hackers have targeted specific devices, suggesting that this is a highly targeted attack that sought to infect only a certain class of users. So far, these malware-laden NoxPlayer updates have only been delivered to five victims located in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Sri Lanka. Although it is recommended to all users with the emulator to be cautious, because it is not ruled out that it will expand in more countries.

The best way to be sure, also in case of having been attacked, is to reinstall NoxPlayer from clean media. It is best to wait to install the emulator again until this threat has been fully mitigated. The company behind the emulator is working to solve this failure

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