The new Star Wars game will come to Android and reminds Fortnite

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Star wars hunters

Zynga is a well-known game developer studio, which just announced that will launch a Star Wars game this year for Android, which in principle we can use in Spain. Although exact dates have not been given for the launch of this new game based on the well-known saga, nor have images been shown, the study has explained how the game works.

It has been this explanation that has made it clear that for this new Star Wars game they have looked for inspiration in a title that enjoys enormous popularity in the market. It is none other than Fortnite, the Epic Games game, removed months ago from the Play Store.

Star Wars game takes inspiration from Fortnite

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Star Wars: Hunters is the name that the studio has given to this new game that will arrive later this year. This game is described as an arena combat game that will offer real-time cross-play group battles. Zynga has not shown any image or gameplay of the game at the moment, despite this small advance that they have given.

Despite missing data, it seems clear that Zynga is creating a game that draws notably from hits like Fortnite. This game is simply endowed with a Star Wars cape, where it is to be expected that we will see characters from the saga, but the operation is not too far from the Epic Games game.

The study has only published a brief preview in a video of less than 30 seconds, where it is not seen how the game will be. You can only see some of the characters that we are going to find in it when it is released later this year. The website that Zynga has created for the game also does not give clues about it, but hopefully more will be known soon.

There are still months until this game hits the market, although many already fear the worst. So far, Star Wars: Hunters seems to be looking to take advantage of the Fortnite formula in excess, but we will see if the study surprises us and it turns out to be an interesting game.

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