The new Pixel Launcher gets updated with a feature they should have added 4 years ago

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The Google Pixel may not be the most popular mobiles in Spain, but the software that Google integrates in them is sometimes the object of desire. We are no longer talking only about the excellent Google camera that practically brings out the best of almost any compatible Android camera, but also in applications such as the wallpapers or the launcher itself.

The Google Pixel 5 have begun to reach the public (in the countries where it is located, this is not the case with Spain) and some of its applications have begun to be distributed, in such a way that we can get to test them on other devices. One of them is the Pixel Launcher, which integrates a feature that, honestly, it should have included in its first version.

Change the app grid in the Pixel Launcher: better late than never

The management of the grid is a concept that has existed in Android launchers since there are launchers in Android. The grid defines how many icons we can store on each of the home screens, and in addition to being in practically all third-party launchers, we also have the option on some manufacturers home screens.

The new Pixel Launcher gets updated with a feature they should have added 4 years ago 1

It took 4 years, but the Pixel Launcher finally has this tool built into the factory version of the Pixel 5, although it can be installed in previous versions. The option is accessible by holding down the home screen and selectingStyles and wallpapers. At the bottom, the grid option will appear, where we will have the option of having 5 × 5 (by default), 4 × 4, 3 × 3 and 2 × 2.

The new Pixel Launcher gets updated with a feature they should have added 4 years ago 2

Despite taking a long time, something that makes it great isdynamic adaptation of icons, which change their size to occupy the corresponding space. This makes grids like 3 × 3 and 2 × 2 ideal for the elderly, due to the space that each icon occupies.

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At this time we have been able to install the new launcher on a Google Pixel 4a updated to Android 11, while if we try to install it on another terminal it will appearerror parsing the package.If you have a Google that is not a Pixel, it will be a matter of days before they appear for all users, while if you have a Pixel you can download it from XDA Developers.

Pixel Launcher of the Google Pixel 5 on XDA Developers.

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