The new OnePlus mobile impresses: change color and register your breath

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The new OnePlus mobile impresses: change color and register your breath 1

OnePlus is becoming in Spain one of the reference brands when it comes to terminalspremium. The company, beyond offering maximum performance, little by little continues to raise the bar in terms of quality, but they also aspire to become a unique manufacturer at the design level with experiments like the one we know today.

The new OnePlus mobile has a great design that changes color

OnePlus has just presented its new mobile, called Concept 8T. It is a conceptual terminal with which they explore the possibilities of what can be created with their latest technologies. It is a device designed by the OnePlus Gaudí design team. This terminal is striking for its particular design, which features an electrochromic glass, capable of changing color.

The new OnePlus mobile impresses: change color and register your breath 2

Beyond the ability to change color, OnePlus has been exploring the possibilities of this color-changing glass to create two really curious functions.

  • Notifications:The crystal that changes color can be programmed to change color depending on the notifications we receive on the mobile, being able to be aware of the notifications received as long as we have the mobile face down.
  • Breathing motor: Using mmmWave technology, this mobile is able to record our breath and synchronize the color change with our breath.

Is this last function useful? Not at all, but it is a pass at the concept level about the possibilities of technology, and this very use of mmmWave could have a practical use applied to health wearables.

For the rest, the new OnePlus mobile internally is nothing more than a OnePlus 8T, a mobile that we already met last October and that gave us such good feelings. Pete Lau has especially emphasized that we may not see this variant on the market.

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So what is the point of showing this mobile if they do not plan to sell it? This time it seems like an effort to continue strengthening its brand image, and as the CEO of OnePlus himself indicates, his team is always exploring new technologies that are cool, not necessarily to bring them to market, but simply to know how far they can go. in their new designs.

It is not the first time that OnePlus shows a conceptual mobile, and it is that at the beginning of 2020 we met the OnePlus Concept One, a terminal that used an electrochromic glass to hide its own cameras, a technology that we have not finally seen in the market but that They seem to have continued to refine.

Who knows if 2021 will bring us this spectacular design to the rest of the company’s terminals, even in the higher-end variants.

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