The new Metal Slug for Android leaves its essence, though it looks great

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The new Metal Slug for Android leaves its essence, though it looks great 1

Metal Slug is one of the video game franchises most historic of the 90’s. These games were leaders in the era of the recreational, and more than two decades after will have a new action game for Android phones.

His name is Metal Slug Code J, and it is a game that takes the best of Metal Slug for the readaptarlo to the new times. The formula is very similar to the original, but the art design leaves your original essence to try to bring a new air to the franchise. The question is whether you really will get.

So is the new Metal Slug for Android

SNK is one of the companies that most stood out in the era of the arcade machines, creating titles that day are still very enjoyable and that we can play on Android. One of the most beloved is Metal Slug, the game act of war, a game frantic, fun, and overflowing with charisma.

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It is not the first Metal Slug game that comes to Android, since we can play the classics, as well as ATTACK and DEFENSE, games that were designed for mobile. However in this new game we find ourselves with a style that is refreshing, thanks to the careful adaptation of the game and scenarios to a format of a 3D animation.

In the trailer it shows you how to look scenarios and bosses, those who have played the original titles we know perfectly, accompanied with the soundtrack of always.

The new Metal Slug for Android leaves its essence, though it looks great 2Although they note the age, the classic design retains spectacular.

One of my main doubts about the future of Metal Slug is in the artistic decisions. The artistic department and the charism of the franchise is unbeatable, since its visual style still be nice to watch and play despite having already 24 years old. Your art is timeless, and although the new style has a look excellent, you do not have the feeling that within 24 years we will remember him with affection. Even so, it deserves that we give him a chance, because if the animations and the music fit with the gameplay can become one of the mobile games more fun.

It is true that create an artistic design timeless is extremely difficult. It is not impossible, since restarts as the one that took Rayman in 2011 demonstrate that it is not a question of who always prefer the old for nostalgia. A reboot in a series mythical if done properly it is able to improve on the original.

The entrance to The new Metal Slug for Android leaves its essence, although it looks great it appears first on The Android Free.