The new Google assistant settings arrive in Spain

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Table of Contents

Google Assistant has been introducing a multitude of new features the last weeks, which also users in Spain have been able to enjoy. From shortcuts to the new way of identifying songs. Despite many enhancements to the wizard, its settings page has remained unchanged in design, until now.

A new design is introduced on the settings page in Google Assistant, which is also beginning to reach users in Spain. Google is committed to a cleaner design in these new settings, also giving faster access to the most common settings.

So are the new Google Assistant settings

Google Assistant new settings

When you enter these new settings in Google Assistant, you find your profile photo and two options below it: Manage your Google account and Your assistant data. So you already have access to two options where to manage your account or the amount of data that the assistant handles about you. Below these two options we have the most popular or common settings, so that you can access easily.

If you slide a little more, you will have two more options, in two large squares: You (where you can manage everything related to your profile in the assistant) and Associated devices, to add or manage the connected devices. By sliding further, you find the complete list of settings and options available in the wizard. You will see that it is a large list with many different options, all of them organized alphabetically.

New Google Assistant settings

These new settings allow a more comfortable management of Google Assistant. When you enter you have easy access to the most common settings, but if you want something more specific, by sliding you have the complete list of settings organized alphabetically, so that you can configure a certain function of the assistant on your Android phone without any problem.

The new settings are starting to roll out among users on Android. They have started to show in the stable version of the Google app, with number If you already have this version, surely you can see the new Google Assistant settings on your Android phone now, also in Spain, where they are already being deployed.

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