The new gesture of Android 11 DP3 allows you to undo the closing of applications

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The way to the renewal of the Android with the next version 11 continues its course: Google released recently the latest beta, which corresponds with the Developers Preview 3 or DP3 (preview version for developers). Don’t bring too much innovation, but there is a gesture that is frankly useful: in Android 11 you can undo the closing of applications. And with just a swipe of the finger in the opposite direction.

Android has been evolving in a robust manner and with small changes version after version; it formed a huge leap through the history of the mobile operating system most used in the world. And this popularity should be maintained not only with more privacy and security, also with news: to Android 11, only a few months to see the light. And we already have between us to the latest pre-release for developers, the DP3. We tested it and we have found it with various changesas one very helpful in the gestures. The menu of recent apps open earn a lot in functionality.

Sliding down the application opens again

Android 11

With Android 10 Google standardized the navigation gestures that had already been introduced officially in Android 9 Foot. With such gestures it is very easy to go back to the desktop or to open the menu of recent applications open: the sliding from the lower part of the screen up it is extremely comfortable. Not only that: you also can close those apps by dragging the finger upwards. And with the Developers Preview 3 can be performed the opposite action: open the apps again sliding down.

As they discovered in 9to5GoogleGoogle has introduced a new gesture with Android 11 DP3: the undo a recently closed. such a gesture is quite intuitive as there is only to perform the opposite action to that which is made to close (swipe down), but it is somewhat confusing to locate it: we tested it and we struggled to find the point, nor is it specified anywhere (probably is still in development).

To make the new gesture to open apps, recently closed it is a bit confusing for most that works well when you take the point

If you to close the apps from the applications menu used to be swipe from bottom to top, the opposite to open again which we close: the gesture is from the top down. We recorded the following Gif where specified in a clear way.

Swiping up closes the app. And if it slides down the last app is closed it opens again

In addition to this new gesture with the open apps, recently closed, Google has introduced the adjustment of sensitivity in the gesture of recoil, which is done on the edges of the screen. From Android 11 DP3 may adjust the sensitivity of the left edge and the right so that it is more difficult for an app to close when you wanted to deploy the side menu, for example.

Gesture Android 11 Dp3

The last version for developers of Android 11 is only available for install on the Google Pixel. We will have to wait to summer for Google to launch the stable version and check if you end up staying all the new features that we are knowing in beta.

Via | 9to5Google

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The new gesture of Android 11 DP3 allows you to undo the closing of applications

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The new gesture of Android 11 DP3 allows you to undo the closing of applications 1

The new gesture of Android 11 DP3 allows you to undo the closing of applications 2