The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all

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If the mobile phone is the only device that we use in our day-to-day, to load it is possible for us to worth with the adapter that comes in the box. However, if we use several devices in the usual way will almost certainly want a charger that will allow us to fill the battery all the time.

Thinking in those users, Xiaomi has launched in China a new desktop charger called Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket.

A charger with all the necessary connections

The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all

This device is really versatile, and not only allows us to upload wirelessly to our mobile, in a vertical position, but also allows us to plug in various devices.

The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all 1

For a start, the fast-charge wireless is 10 W. in Addition, it has three connectors USB-C which give a joint power of 18 W.

The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all

The wireless charging has two coils to be able to load the mobile in the horizontal position and vertical, if we want to use the charger as a stand while watching a video

But the most striking is the presence of a plug conventional on the side of the charger. That is, you can plug any electrical appliance as if it is done to the wall. This is very handy because we have it on the table and you don’t have to agacharnos to find a connector.

The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all

Like other products of this type that has created the brand, the Xiaomi Vertical Wireless Charging Socket it has protection against overcurrent, overheating and short circuits.

Price and availability

This new charger has been officially unveiled in China and will go on sale through a system of crowdfunding, the 15 of July. The price is 109 yuan, about 20 euros to change.

We don’t know if it will be sold in other markets, although if so it is logical that the plug side is adapted to each territory. Even so, in the case of sale come with adapters to be able to use it even if we imported it.

The entrance to The new desktop charger Xiaomi has it all first appears in The Android Free.