The Motorola Edge S: Motorola’s next high-end is coming soon

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Motorola returned to the high-end last year with the Edge +, which was also put on sale in Spain. Last week the first phones of the brand of this 2021 were presented, all of them within the mid-range. This year they are expected to launch a new high-end, which the brand is beginning to announce now and will arrive with the name Motorola Edge S.

It was on the Chinese social network Weibo where the brand itself published the first promotional poster of this new phone confirming that its name is Motorola Edge S. Although no data has been given so far, it is expected that this device will be launched on the market soon.

Motorola Edge S: The new high-end

Motorola Edge S poster

This first poster serves to confirm the existence of the Motorola Edge S and that this model will be launched on the market soon. Although so far the brand does not say when we can expect its first high-end 2021 to become official. The poster highlights the processor, which would be a chip from the Snapdragon 800 range, which would be a chip that has not been presented Until now.

Some rumors suggest that this phone would be that high-end Moto G that was talked about a few months ago, but with a different name. One of the features that we can expect in this model it would be your screen with a refresh rate of 105 Hz, which was talked about long ago.

Motorola Edge S announcement

It doesn’t seem like we have to wait too long until this new Motorola Edge S is going to be made official, although the brand has not given dates for this device. It will be interesting to see what they have prepared for their high-end this year, after their return in 2020 with the Edge range, a good range of phones, but which was launched with a too high price.

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